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California’s 2017 legislative session is expected to be action-packed.  With the 2016 elections, all of the members of the Assembly are serving under the new term limits so they will remain in their seats for 12 years.  This will hopefully bring more stability to the lower house.  The California Senate and Assembly has taken an active role in countering the policies of the new Trump administration by hiring former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to represent California.  The 2018 statewide elections are beginning to take shape, including a race for insurance commissioner since Commissioner Jones is term limited in 2018.   ACIC expects to oppose legislation by the plaintiff bar to eliminate the off set for uninsured and underinsured coverage in auto insurance policies.  ACIC will continue to support and oppose legislation to control cost drivers in California’s workers’ compensation system.  ACIC will also defend against measures that increase costs or infringe on underwriting for auto and homeowners’ insurance.